For reservations, call us or e-mail us at hebergement@venisesurlelac.com


In case of symptoms associated with Covid-19, do not come to the Auberge du lac Champlain site;

Have not traveled outside the country in the past 14 days;

In case of symptoms during the stay, provide the regulations which ask to leave the premises;

The occupants of the rented room / chalet / motel all stay at the same address;

Hand washing on arrival;

Hand washing at each entrance to your room / chalet as well as at each entrance and in common areas;

Respect at all times the 2 meters distance with anyone outside my family circle / home;

Avoid sharing equipment and materials;

No gathering inside the chalets and rooms;

Outdoor gathering limited to a maximum of 10 people and from a maximum of 3 households / units;

Limit contact with our staff (reception) to one person per unit / household;

In the chalets, you will find the disinfectant products necessary to clean the unit if necessary;

For your safety, we will not do any housekeeping in your room / chalet for the duration of your stay;

If you need equipment: towels, bedding, soap, toilet paper, etc., please notify the reception by telephone.

The desired quantity will be deposited at your door;

Ensure responsibility for informing and enforcing all of the measures and procedures for other group members during the stay;

Respect any additional instructions issued by Public Health or by the establishment during your stay;

For health reasons, our spa and our swimming pool are unfortunately closed for an indefinite period.

Access to this equipment is therefore strictly prohibited;

The management reserves the right to expel immediately any person who does not comply with the measures set out below, without reimbursement;

For any necessary help, please telephone reception at 1-855-344-5244;

Vaut mieux prévenir que guérir!